Do You Really Know Your Neighbor?

The Reality: Child Abuse is a growing problem.

As a parent, you spend years protecting your children and helping them grow into happy and healthy adults. You bandage their boo-boos and feed them healthy foods; you work to make sure they do well in school and have friends and play sports.

We watch out for cars, fire, deep water and disease, but do we know our neighbors?

In just a few minutes or hours, a stranger or even a trusted neighbor can erase all the good in a child's life.

EVERYONE needs to know of predators livng in their neighborhood or around their child's school or ball fields, who might potentially pose a threat to their child.!

Now there is a book to help you learn about child abuse and your resources to prevent it from happening to your child. This information is presented online, pick up a copy at one of our distribution points listed below, or you can send for your free copy, you only pay the postage.


If you suspect child abuse contact Arkansas child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-482-5964

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